Livello™ is a collection of height-adjustable workstation tables and mobile, flip-top meeting tables. Livello supports dynamic, multi-functional spaces that easily transition as new needs arise.

Work tables integrate seamlessly with freestanding or panel-based environments and enable users to adjust tables to fit the task at hand. Height adjustment permits seated or standing work and allows for a healthy variety of postures throughout the day.

The Livello Counterbalance workstation table, with proprietary counterbalance mechanism, employs a spring to counteract the weight on the worksurface. This mechanism affords a consistent user experience independent of the weight on the table – as long as the table is balanced, the same amount of force is required to lift or lower the table.

Livello flip-top, height-adjustable meeting tables move quickly into place for casual meetings and, when the area is required for other uses, nest and store in minimal space.