Hal and Matt


PROJEX, where individualized, tailored, even custom workplace requirements are met. That is but one example of the client-centric thinking that is part of the PROJEX culture. That same culture fosters an imbued commitment to excellence in all endeavors.

Our customized results strategy is supported by our primary manufacturing market partner, Teknion.  Teknion’s unique ability for agile and custom manufacturing is the perfect complement for the PROJEX commitment to customer-centric excellence.

PROJEX is Co-Founded and owned by Hal Matthews and Matt Magrann.

Our Philosophy

PROJEX was founded upon the principles of doing things differently. That starts with our own people. We believe in order to create outstanding culture externally, you must start internally. Our people have a knack for more than furniture, they possess passion to become the best they can be, in any and every endeavor. We understand that every team member is vital to our success, and every team member is treated accordingly.

PROJEX is a company driven by a culture of excellence. Sure, everybody says that, but who is truly committed to excellence in every endeavor? To be clear, PROJEX is committed, totally committed. Whether we are delivering one chair, five hundred work stations, or five floors of demountable walls- EVERY project is treated individually, with equal importance. We are all committed to performing at an unparalleled level of excellence.

Our motto is: Do it differently, do it better, and do it for the personal fulfillment of a job well done.